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October 2020

With numbers going up, let’s just do a refresher of our policies that will help to keep the office safe for everybody. We have a number of at-risk and elderly patients, so we really appreciate your cooperation in all of this!
  • Masks are now mandatory to enter the building.
  • Complete your online screening questionnaire before entering (or the paper copy upon entering)
  • Do not enter if you have any signs/symptoms of COVID-19 or contact with anybody who has tested or is a suspected positive.  
  • Please let us know if you later learn you test positive or came in contact with a suspected or confirmed positive case in close proximity to your appointment. 
  • Come at exactly your appointment time, no sooner.
    • Patients of Lance Dawson- wait outside until he comes to get you
  • Come in alone
  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer upon entering
  • Avoid using the washroom
  • Pay with tap if possible 
  • Avoid bringing in peripheral items as much as possible

As always, we have virtual appointments available for those who are still not comfortable coming to the office.

Thank you so much with your help in making the office safe for all!

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