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Our awesome physio, Sayaka, is expecting her second child and needs help keeping her patients strong and healthy!

Sayaka works with a diversity of patients ranging from Parkinson’s rehab, surgical rehab all the way to strength training for athletes. We are looking for somebody who works with a strong emphasis on strength work/ rehab- we want to put that gym space to use!

Some general facts about the job:

  • Flexible hours
  • Expected duration: 1 year
  • Part-time or full time- we will take what we can get if the practitioner is a good fit!
  • Your own treatment room and access to gym space
  • Jane practice software
  • Patient- focused, evidence-based work environment
  • Plenty of parking with store front entrance into the clinic
  • Reception coverage for 40 hours/week with the option to work outside of those hours

There’s always the option to work beyond the locum if it makes sense for all, but for now the focus would be on maintaining Sayaka’s patients and other new physio patients that come into the clinic.

E-mail seandelanghe@gmail.com if you want to learn more!

By: Sayaka Thiessen, Waterloo Physiotherapist

I am sure most of use have experienced a muscle that feels tight and stiff. Most people immediately think to stretch the affected area, but is that always the solution? 

If you have stretched to the ends of the earth but you still feel tight, it might be time to change the approach and try to strengthen it. The sensation of “tightness” doesn’t always mean a short muscle. It could, in fact, mean that the muscle is weak or that a joint lacks motor control and needs to be trained. 

Getting assessed by a healthcare professional, like a physiotherapist, you can determine if stretching, or strengthening, or a combination of the two is the way forward. 

Looking for a physiotherapist in Waterloo? Sayaka might be a good fit for you, read more HERE.

Welcome Taylor Huehn!

We are very excited to announce that starting in the New Year, chiropractic intern Taylor Huehn will be joining the team!

After her 4 year B.Kin degree from WLU, she is now 3.5 years into her 4 year Doctor of Chiropractic program at CMCC. As such, Taylor is now certified to provide direct care to patients under Dr. Delanghe’s guidance as she finishes the final 6 months of her training.

You can read more about her background and book with her online HERE.

How will she help at the clinic?

Other than a number of tasks behind the scenes including research and various learning objectives, Taylor will be helping as follows:

Same day appointments

No existing patients will be required to see her. However, if there is a day where you need to get in and Dr. Delanghe is unable to accommodate, rather than wait you will have the option to get in the day you call with Taylor.

Free initial assessments

As part of her training, Taylor will be providing free initial visits to all patients new to the clinic.

These visits will consist of a 1 hour, highly in-depth history and physical exam followed by a communication of a diagnosis, plan of management and initial treatment. In addition to this, all of these visits will be completed with consultation with Dr. Delanghe.

It is important to note that there will be no requirements for additional visits if you do not wish to pursue more treatment.

Subsequent visits

Subsequent visits will be the same price as seeing Dr. Delanghe. As such, Dr. Delanghe will be either directly or indirectly overseeing all treatments. He will also offer any help in completing procedures if needed.

Insurance coverage

Yes, your insurance will still cover it!


As part of her training, Taylor will be observing Dr. Delanghe during certain treatments at the clinic. As the patient, you are always welcome to decline having her in your treatment room with no questions asked.

That’s it for now! We also have some exciting things in the New Year planned including things for new mothers and those who suffer from osteoarthritis.

If you have any questions, feel free to let us know, and make sure to welcome Taylor if you see her around the clinic!

Last week I spent most of the week with a mild head cold. Nothing crazy, but enough to motivate me to review my old imtraining-and-performancemunology notes yet again to relearn what I already know (it’s always fun picturing the T-cells destroying the bad stuff). Times like these also motivate me to relearn other things, like how nothing gets rid of a cold other than some basics including: sufficient rest, fluids, stress management and a good diet.

Sometimes when I’m sick, I’ll also scan the literature for new research on the common cold. Usually it’s more of the same: sleep deprivation triggers a depression in immune function, more research is needed to show if supplement X helps, excessive exercise causes a depression in immune function while light exercise may help, and so on.

However, in today’s search, I came across something new that may help us cope with the common cold. The only downside is that this new information applies to a small subset of the population. It fact it’s so specific, it’s almost not worth mentioning and learning…other than the fact that the specific subset I’m referring to is exactly who we are: athletes to train vigorously in cold weather!

What does the science say?

In general, it’s has been proven time and time again that popping vitamins does not help to speed up the recovery associated with the common cold if you are already sick. Long-term supplementation also does not help to prevent the common cold. There is some research suggesting that long term supplementation may reduce the duration of the cold, but that always sounded like a lot of effort and money for a marginal improvement on something
that rarely happens.

So I had long given up on vitamin C. Maintain a healthy diet rich and fruits and vegetables, and that was all I needed in my mind (if I achieve said goal).

Continue reading HERE in the WRS Magazine 

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